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Terms & Conditions


  1. All hires are for a minimum period of 1 day.

  2. Customers are urged to be sure of the dates and choice of bike before booking as we take full payment for the hire period, once taken this is non- refundable.

  3. Once booking is made no full or partial refunds will be made if the bike is returned early, cancelled or not collected.

  4. At the time of collection of your bike, we will take a deposit of between £1000.00 to £2000.00, depending on the bike hired and your personal status.

  5. Payment of deposit can only be made by debit or credit card. This is taken on a pre authorisation basis, this is where the funds for the deposit are reserved by your bank in case of any damage, theft or charges incurred whilst the bike is in your possession, on signing the hire agreement form you are authorising Supervan Limited to debit your card for any additional charges, these include: extended rental periods, damage, late charges, fuel refills, over mileage, punctures or unpaid penalty charges.

  6. Deposit will be refunded when vehicle is returned undamaged (subject to inspection). If bikes are returned dirty, a full inspection cannot be made until the bike has been cleaned, this will not be done immediately or while you wait.

  7. In the event of an accident or vehicle theft during your hire, or should the bike become unusable or un-repairable within your hire period, we offer no full or partial refunds on rentals paid nor a replacement bike.

  8. In the event of an accident, theft or rider error, for example wrong fuel, loss of keys etc, you will be covered with breakdown assistance, however you will be responsible and charged accordingly for repairs, loss, damage, relay, recovery and or repatriation. The hire period agreed will end at this point with no refund or replacement bike.

  9. All hirers must be between 17 -70 years of age, although there are some vehicles that require a minimum.

  10. There are restrictions imposed by our insurers, which mean that we are unfortunately unable to hire to persons in certain occupational areas. These include professional entertainers, professional sports persons, publicans, nightclub owners and owners of gaming establishments.

  11. It is expressly forbidden to use any of our vehicles for competition, rally, trial, track day, motorcross, enduro events, performance test, race of trial of speed whether between motor vehicles or otherwise.

  12. Before any vehicles are released the hirer must provide his/her full driving licence, provisional licence and or CBT certificate if applicable and two utility bills to prove your address.

  13. Foreign nationals will be required to also provide passport and proof of where they are staying in the UK.

  14. All driving offences must be declared to us prior to hire and must be acceptable to our insurers. Failure to advise us in advance may result in the refusal of hire and loss of rental charge.

  15. Whilst we are able to hire to customers with some endorsements on their licence, there are certain endorsements which for insurance reasons restrict our ability to supply a vehicle. A hirer can hold up to 6 penalty points on their licence for speeding and we can also accommodate some road traffic offences. We cannot supply to anyone with a DR, IN, BA, UT, or DD code on their licence within the last 5 years. If you have a CD code or any other offence code you are unsure about, please contact us for clarification.

  16. EU travel is available on request (additional charges apply).

  17. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash and are valid for 1 Year only.

  18. All speeding tickets, parking fines, congestion charges, toll charges and any other chargeable offence are the responsibility of the hirer.


  19. Hirers need to be aware that they are responsible for theft of the motorcycle on hire to them, any damage, excess tyre wear, tyre damage and punctures. Throughout the duration of the hire, the hirer is responsible for checking engine oil levels and lubricating/ maintaining chain tensions. They are also responsible for replacing all fuel used. In the event of a bike being stolen the hirer will lose their deposit in full. They will not be issued with a refund for any time remaining on the hire period and will not be given a replacement bike. Keys and any accessories must be returned to Superbike Rental or the hirer will be responsible for further charges to cover the replacement. If the keys are not returned the hirer will be responsible for the entire value of the motorcycle on hire to them.

  20. Hirers are responsible for an excess mileage charge, after mileage allowance as stated on hire agreement.

  21. Please note that any repairs to our vehicles be it mechanical or bodywork will only be carried out by our authorised repairers. This will be carried out at a time that is convenient to Supervan Limited/Superbike Rentals. Bikes will be repaired with only new, genuine manufacturer’s parts.

    Motorcycling is potentially a dangerous pastime! We would like to bring to your attention that customers are covered by full comprehensive insurance road risk only. Superbike Rental/Supervan Ltd are not responsible for any accidents, mishaps or personal injuries. Superbike Rental/Supervan Ltd does not provide personal accident, medical, travel insurance. We recommend that all of our clients purchase adequate travel insurance as you would for any personal holiday.

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